The Networking Solution’s Advertising Solutions include:

Website monetization is the process of converting existing traffic being sent to a particular website into revenue. The most popular ways of¬†monetizing a website are¬†Instream Video Ad’s and Banner/Display advertising. We also can link up Outstream Ad’s and affiliate programs to increase revenues.



Save money & time with an all-inclusive advertising service

  • Simplify your digital campaign management & optimise your organisation by opting for a powerful all-in-one ad server


Extend the value of your audience with data

  • Increase performances using data such as audience segmentation, interest targeting, retargeting


Opt for the cross device advertising

  • Easily deliver Rich Media banner and fluid video ad’s on Mobile sites & apps, with our cross device campaigns for Android & iOS….


Go beyond ad serving with a Real Time Bidding

  • Use a flexible mediation platform connected with RTB partners and Web & Mobile ad networks to best monetize your inventory


Precise rich media and video campaigns

  • Attract your advertisers thanks to innovative & ready-to-use ad video, banner and Rich Media formats for Web & Mobile


Benefit from quality service and round the clock support

  • Get excellent assistance to meet your expectations, thanks to dedicated local experts.